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Reviewed by: Chris, grade 12

A sequel to New Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo DS, New Super Mario Bros Wii (obviously for the Nintendo Wii) is a blast of a game. This game introduces a new control set for the Wiimote, for example when you shake the Wiimote on it’s horizontal position (the way that this game is meant to be played) while wearing a propeller suit (in game) you propel up and then float down to the ground. This game is rated E for Everyone by ESRB.

This game has fantastic controls, Great levels to explore, Fantastic new power-ups like the Propeller Mushroom, Ice Flower and (my favorite being) the Penguin Suit and the overall gameplay is pretty fantastic.

The Mega Mushroom is absent from the game which is unfortunate in my opinion because of the fact that the Mega Mushroom is featured in it’s predecessor, beggars can't be choosers how ever but they could have added the Mega Mushroom because that is the power up that defines the New Super Mario Bros series.

Overall New Super Mario Bros Wii is a very good game for the Nintendo Wii Alongside Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 because of great controls, awesome levels and fantastic power-ups (even when the Mega Mushroom is absent from the game) as well as fantastic gameplay.

I highly recommend this game to hardcore Mario fans, platformer fans and even those who want to get into gaming.

New Super Mario Bros Wii: Rating - 8/10

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