Loan Periods & Limits

Loan periods, limits and replacement fees depend on the type of item you’re borrowing. Log in to your MyBPL account to see the items you have borrowed, when they’re due, and any fees you have on your account.

A total of 80 items can be checked out on each card at one time, including up to 30 DVDs/Blu-Rays and 5 video games.  Borrow up to 8 eBooks, audiobooks, movies, TV shows, Music CDs, or comics each month from Hoopla Digital and 20 ebooks/audiobooks from cloudLibrary.

Fees can be paid online by credit card using SmartPay, our online payment tool. Learn more about SmartPay and read our Frequently Asked Questions on our SmartPay Online Payment page


Item Type

Loan Period

Adult & Junior Books

3 weeks

DVDs & Blu-Rays (maximum 30 DVDs or Blu-Rays per card)


1 week

     TV Shows

3 weeks

Other Materials


3 weeks

Music CDs

3 weeks


1 week

Book Club Kits

6 weeks
*no renewals

Multicultural Book Club Kits from Simcoe County Libraries

6 weeks
* no renewals

Musical Instruments 
(limit of 1 per card),
Age 13+ only

3 weeks

Fishing Rods

1 week

Video Games 
(limit of 5 per card)

1 week

Language Kits

3 weeks

Overnight Loans

Before library opens on following day


Replacement Costs & Fees


Replacement Fees


 Replace Lost, Damaged, or Incomplete Items

  • Actual replacement cost. 
  • Items that are 21 days overdue are considered lost and the replacement charges will be billed to your account.  When the item is returned, the fee will be removed from your account.
  • Due to the nature of library materials, replacements provided by the patron are generally not accepted and the actual replacement charge for the lost or damaged item is issued.
  • Any multi-part item returned incomplete (missing discs or components) is subject to replacement costs for the full set of items.