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The past year has been full of historic moments, grassroots movements, and a strong desire to see a change in the world. As an organization, we are passionate about our role in providing information, resources and community connections to help bridge gaps and inspire learning. 

We are excited to introduce a reading club called Diversity Reads, challenging you to discover the world from different perspectives. Books give us a fantastic opportunity to explore beyond our lived experience. Learning about and celebrating our differences will bring us closer together!

Diversity Reads is based on the Read Woke reading challenge started by Cecily Lewis. 

The 12 reading categories include Black Voices, Diverse Abilities, Indigenous Voices, Social Injustice, Mental Health, LGBTQ+ Voices, and more. For each category, we recommend reading lists and online resources that you can access to help start your learning journey. For each book you read, you're invited to share the title of the book you read, and what you learned from it. 

Join the Diversity Reads challenge now to make change

Register online with these easy steps and complete at your own pace:

  1. Visit the App Store or Google Play and download the FREE Beanstack Tracker app, or join us from your computer
  2. Select books from a recommended reading list or choose your own
  3. Post a review and share your learnings

Join us this year to discover diverse books and authors, log your activities, and read!


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