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cloudLibrary have released a new version of their mobile app - version 5.0!

You can check which version of the app you have by going to Account - About in the app itself. As an example, the version of the app on my Android device is

You can update to version 5.0 by going to the App Store or Google Play, depending on your device.


Warning for Users of Older Devices
The new app will only support iOS 11+ and Android 5+, so users with older devices who can no longer update their operating system will be unable to install the new app.

Older devices will be able to continue using the older version of the app if they already have it installed. But should not uninstall it, as they will not be able to re-install the newer version.


New features for Version 5.0:

  • New look e-reader - the settings look a bit different
  • OpenDyslexic Font - additional font options for e-books including this one, which should be easier to view for people with dyslexia
  • Modern scroll mode - in the settings for an e-book users can choose 'scroll mode' so the e-book flows up and down instead of left and right. This may not work with all e-books. Progress within the book is not visible in Scroll mode
  • Interactive read-along for children - for e-books that have this functionality, usually badged as 'read-along' or 'with audio', there are some new reading controls that start/stop text reading, automatic page turning on the device and number of pages displayed on the screen.
  • Simplified navigation
  • Faster page transition
  • New PDF reader - this should make reading PDFs on the app easier and more visually appealing

See our cloudLibrary - eBooks and Audiobooks tutorial for help getting started.


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