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What’s inside: A curated database of over 1,100 children’s ebooks. Includes a selection of animated talking picture books, read-along chapter books, classic kids’ fiction, and even some National Geographic videos. Language learning, graphic novels (a crowd favourite) and math books can also be found here.

Where to find: TumbleBook website, or under Digital Library - Read

Getting started: Introduction to TumbleBook Library video

Devices: Tumblebook app is available for iOS or Android platforms, or through a browser. To set up an account on the app you will need your library card number.

There is some fantastic material for children of all ages within TumbleBook Library. Kids can access a wide variety of materials through a simple click of the mouse or tap on the screen. TumbleBook’s Storybooks, where the story is read aloud and the drawings are animated, has been a perennial favourite at the Library. Don’t miss the Read Along category either, where your child may choose to have longer books read aloud while they follow along.

Searching for books and materials is made easy by using the category tabs (e.g., Storybooks, Readalongs, Ebooks, Graphic Novels, etc.) found at the top of the TumbleBook Library homepage. Also helpful is the Index tab located at the top left of the homepage; a great way to reveal materials you might not normally discover.

For the older child, we found TumbleBook’s ebook category to be a real gem, with a solid collection of chapter books. Options to modify font style and size make these ebooks accessible. Moving from page-to-page is easily achieved by clicking on large arrow keys. Readers can make notes or create bookmarks as they read. All notes and bookmarks will stay with the book on the computer you were reading on - indefinitely.

TumbleBook Library makes it easy to start and to continue reading, for every child!

Please note: Since the books are not downloadable, users will need access to the Internet to view and read. We had best results using the TumbleBook Library on our computer’s browser. Using the app on a tablet was a close second. Images and text displayed on a smartphone tend to be a little small.

See the Kids Zone section of our Website for more fun and educational online resources!

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