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What’s inside: Online language learning. Includes lessons for over 70 languages. Focuses on conversation skills and cultural insights. 

Where to find: Mango Language website | Mango Language Mobile App | Library website

Getting started: Video Tutorial

Devices: Can be used in a web browser or in a mobile app for Android, iOS and Amazon.

Want to pick up a new skill? Mango provides lessons for language learning in over 70 different languages, including Spanish, French, Mandarin, Punjabi, and more. There are even courses for English language learners. 

The lessons are arranged so that learners can move at their own pace. Lessons are broken down into Main Units and Chapters, with each lesson having goals and concepts that build on those that came before it, allowing you to learn at a gradual pace. 

I love that Mango focuses on the kind of language native speakers would use. For example, in Italian, “Io sono” formally translates to “I am”. But the more conversational phrase to use would be “Sto”, which translates to “I’m”- something that Mango emphasizes in their lessons. By providing examples that showcase conversational language skills like this, Mango becomes the perfect tool to use as you plan your next trip, and is a great way to become fluent in a new language. 

You can use Mango through the web, or by downloading the mobile app. All you need is your library card!

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