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What’s inside: online magazines. A wide range of topics from Canada and around the world. Includes publications in many languages.

Where to find: PressReader website | PressReader Mobile App | Library online catalogue

Getting Started: Printable Guide for Mobile Devices | Video How-Tos for web and mobile

Devices: Can be read in a web browser, in a downloadable Desktop App, or in a mobile app

PressReader brings you newspapers and magazines from around the world. Latest Toronto Star? We have that. Current Fashion and Lifestyle? That too. Up to date Food, Gaming and Gardening magazines? You guessed it.

The publications you get are full colour copies of the print version. You can view them in full Page View or call up Text View to read article by article.

Tablets displaying magazines

If you have a favourite magazine, you can have all new issues automatically downloaded to the app.

For additional accessibility, articles can also be read aloud through the app or translated from another language.

We also have many patrons who use PressReader to catch up on news in their own home language or from their home town.

Reader beware – as these publications are so bold and beautiful, the app sometimes takes a little time to load. Also, if you do not use the app for 30 days you will be asked to login again.

See the Articles section in our Digital Library for more news and magazines:

Please contact us if you need help or have any questions:


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