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Baby Library Card Launch with RVHLeaving the hospital with a new baby is an exciting and life changing event. But leaving the hospital with a new baby and a new library card? Well, that’s one for the books, literally!

A new partnership between the Barrie Public Library (BPL) and Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre’s (RVH) Obstetrics Unit and Health Library offers library memberships to our smallest and newest residents.

The Baby Library Card initiative gives children from infancy to 36 months their very own library card for the BPL system. The card offers parents access to borrow up to 35 board books, picture books and parenting materials with no library fines to slow them down.* 

Cards and an information sheet will be available to new parents through the RVH Obstetrics unit discharge package. Once baby and parent are settled back home, the card can be activated at either branch of the Library with a piece of ID. Cards can also be picked up from either library location for any child 3-years and under. 

Kalina Cook just welcomed her second child, Grace. “Life can get pretty busy with two, so having no penalty for books out on Grace’s card is pretty awesome. I’m also always looking for ways to get out of the house with the kids so picking up books is a great incentive to do that.”

In addition to borrowing materials, we encourage parents to attend our free weekly children’s programs, including Baby Goose, Family Storytimes and Play, Learn, Grow. Kalina attended those programs with her first child and found they were “a wonderful way for my son and I to socialize and connect with other children, parents and caregivers in the community.”

“The new Baby Library Card is a fantastic way for parents to not only bond over reading with their infant or toddler, but to give their child the best start in life,” explains Children’s Librarian Serena McGovern. “Countless studies have shown that early literacy skills have a lifelong impact on future success. We hope that parents will use this card to make Library visits a regular part of their child’s early years.”

For more information on Baby Library Cards, visit

*Replacement fees apply on items that are damaged or not returned. 


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