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Welcome to 2024, Barrie! We are excited for a new year with many opportunities for learning and discovery. It’s a great time to set a new goal, learn a new skill, and create new habits. Let us help you!

Here are 10 ways you can make the most of 2024 with the library:

1. Set a reading goal

Challenge yourself to dive into reading this year by setting a reading goal, such as reading a new author every month or a certain number of books this year. Whether you want to read more fiction or non-fiction, or a mix of both, our collections have something for every reader. Check out our catalogue to start borrowing!  

2. Try reading on the go with our digital library

Venture beyond print books by exploring our digital reading resources. From eAudiobooks and eBooks to eMagazines, our free digital platforms, such as cloudLibrary and Libby Magazines provide a convenient way to enjoy your favourite titles on the go.  

3. Learn a new language 

Expand your linguistic skills with Transparent Language, a language-learning software available in 110+ languages, including ESL. Whether you're planning a trip abroad or simply want to challenge yourself, learning a new language opens doors to new cultures and perspectives. 

4. Start a do-it-yourself project 

Unleash your creativity in 2024! You can complete your own DIY project in our Creative Spaces, with tools and resources such as 3D printers, Cricuts, and sewing machines. Or try Creativebug, an instructional video platform with over 1000 arts, crafts, and baking tutorials.  

5. Unwind with a TV show or movie

Looking for a way to unwind after the busy holiday season? Experience the magic of storytelling on your screen from the comfort of your own home. We have many movies and TV series available for borrowing. Also, our digital library offers free streaming services like Curio and CBC Gem.

6. Attend a library event

Connect with our vibrant community by attending one of our many events and programs. From book clubs to Storytimes to musical meet-ups, there’s always something exciting happening at BPL! Check our Events Calendar to stay in the loop; you can also sign up for weekly emails that highlight upcoming programs and events. 

7. Check out our free Library of Things

Discover ALL the library has to offer this year! From birdwatching kits to telescopes and board games, our Library of Things collection offers a unique opportunity to try something new without the commitment of a purchase.  

8. Research your genealogy

Delve into your family history in 2024. You can use our genealogical resources such as Ancestry Library or FamilySearch to create a family tree and learn more about your roots.  

9. Improve your health and wellness

Prioritize your well-being this year by exploring our digital health resources. Learn It Live is the library’s place for health, wellness, and personal development classes. You can try yoga, pilates, meditation classes, and much more on the online platform.  

10. Get connected to your community

Stay informed and engaged with your community through Information Barrie. Explore local events, services, and organizations that make Barrie a vibrant place to live. We also have a Volunteer Database to make it easy to find organizations that have volunteer opportunities. 


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