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Barb and Lilli are back this month for another book unboxing! This time, they enjoyed opening some boxes full of books for children. See what they unboxed now!

Find these books in our collection:

A is for Ambitious by Meena HarrisA Is for Ambitious by Meena Harris

"Illustrations and rhyming text reclaim words often used to put down girls and women while introducing the letters of the alphabet."




When Things Aren't Going Right, Go left by Marc Colagiovanni When Things Aren't Going Right, Go left by Marc Colagiovanni

"Reminding readers of their power to forge their own destinies, this deep and whimsical picture book creates an enduring message of strength and perseverance that is both universal and personal."



The Tree and the River by Aaron BeckerThe Tree and the River by Aaron Becker

"In an alternate past--or possible future--a mighty tree stands on the banks of a winding river, bearing silent witness to the flow of time and change. A family farms the fertile valley. Soon, a village sprouts, and not long after, a town. Residents learn to harness the water, the wind, and the animals in order to survive and thrive. The growing population becomes ever more industrious and clever, bending nature itself to their will and their ambition: redirecting rivers, harvesting lumber, reshaping the land, even extending daylight itself."

 One Day by Joanna HoOne Day by Joanna Ho

"In this heartfelt mother's ode to her baby boy, she shares her hopes and dreams for him as she envisions him exploring the world and blazing his own trail."

Party Hearty Kitty-Corn by Shannon HaleParty Hearty Kitty-Corn by Shannon Hale

"Kitty is excited to throw a kitty-corn party but becomes frustrated when newcomer Puppy messes up the decorations, ruins the gift Kitty made, and worst of all, he takes up all of Unicorn's attention."

We Don't Lose Our Class Goldfish by Ryan T. HigginsWe Don't Lose Our Class Goldfish by Ryan T. Higgins

"When Penelope Rex brings home Walter, the class goldfish, for the weekend, she is not sure how to feel, but when Walter goes missing, Penelope searches high and low for her fishy classmate."

Dog Diaries: Big Top Bonanza by James PattersonDog Diaries: Big Top Bonanza by James Patterson

"Junior is in for a BARKing big adventure when the circus comes to town!"




Science Comics: The Periodic Table of Elements by Jon ChadScience Comics: The Periodic Table of Elements by Jon Chad

"A book of fun chemistry experiments has fallen into the wrong hands. Only Mel can use her knowledge of the periodic table to put an end to a maniacal madman's evil schemes. The periodic table helps us quickly understand the 118 elements, those tiny substances that make up everything in the world. By using the periodic table, we can recognize how these building blocks behave, find trends and patterns in the universe, and make predictions about elements that haven't been discovered yet. Join us in learning about the periodic table, and maybe the next big discovery will be yours!"


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