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We're thrilled to announce the newest additions to our Library of Things: Telescopes, and Bird Watching Kits!

Having a hard time thinking of fun things to do this winter? Why not give stargazing a try with our new Telescope Kits!

Will full moons, meteor showers, super moons, billions of stars, and so much more, there’s plenty to see in our beautiful night sky. See beyond what can be seen with the naked eye and start your adventure into astronomy! Check out a Telescope Kit from the library to explore the skies.

Want to remember your discoveries even after you’ve returned the Telescope to the library? Our kits even come with a smartphone adapter to allow you to take pictures of your findings.

You can borrow the Telescope Kits easily by placing them on hold, and selecting your preferred Barrie Public Library location for pickup.

So what are you waiting for? Place your holds today!

Want to know more? Learn everything you need to know on our webpage, and follow the links at the bottom for some helpful hints on finding constellations!

More interested in searching the skies a bit closer to home? With our new Birdwatching Kits, you can learn more about the birds that live in your own backyard. If you’ve been wondering what’s visiting your bird feeder, or want to discover who else lives in our surrounding woods, take your first step into the world of birding by borrowing a Birdwatching Kit from our Library of things!

Each Birdwatching Kit includes a variety of helpful items, including a book for bird identification, a pocket guide for quick reference, a pair of binoculars, and more! Everything will come in a backpack so it's easy for you to keep all these items together. If you'd like to birdwatch with your child, you'll be happy to learn that we have these kits available for adults and children.

Explore the great outdoors this winter. Place your hold on a Birdwatching Kit today!

Learn even more about our Birdwatching Kits by visiting our webpage


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