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We're thrilled to once again participate in the world’s largest giving movement! Celebrating its 10th anniversary on November 29, Giving Tuesday started as a simple idea to encourage good deeds throughout communities.

Here at the Barrie Public Library, we're grateful to have an amazing community of supporters and we invite you to join in the celebration of Giving Tuesday with us! 

Earlier this year, we launched our Library of Things, an amazing selection of unique items and resources that patrons can access for free with a library card.

Our Library of Things currently includes Ontario Parks Vehicle Permits, musical instruments, recreational equipment, C-PEN ReaderPens, Cognitive Care Kits, and more. This new collection has become so popular that items have circulated nearly 1500 times since January 2022! The Library of Things collection is a great way for the community to try out a new experience with no cost. By being publicly available, this collection inspires sharing, sparks curiosity, and reduces our communities' waste footprint.

How can you help?

As we launch the giving season, we invite the community to share their passion for the Barrie Public Library. Charitable donations enable us to enhance our current services and do more for the community.

We've received extensive feedback from the community wishing to see more items added to the Library of Things. In order to grow this collection, we need our community's help. With a financial donation of any value, you're helping more patrons discover opportunities through experiential learning! Every gift helps.

Donate online by visiting: Donate Now - BARRIE PUBLIC LIBRARY (

Here’s what members are saying about the Library of Things collection:

  • “I absolutely love that BPL is also becoming a library of things - this is a critical step in moving to a circular economy and building a resilient community.”
  • “Enjoy these offerings and the ability to borrow items ~ thank you.”
  • “The Ontario Parks passes are very good; I used this last year to get out during the pandemic. Thanks.”
  • “I love this idea of expanding these skills to the public. I feel all these areas offered should be available today for everyone. This is the right direction for all libraries.”
  • “I really like how the library is becoming very multi-faceted in its uses besides just borrowing books!! It makes my life a lot easier and enjoyable so I can pursue my various interests...”
  • “I am so in awe of what you offer. All your staff are so friendly and helpful. Keep up the good work and a big thank you.”
  • “The current fishing rods and Ontario parks vehicle permits are awesome items! Thank you very much for expanding."


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