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On November 15th, 2022, we invite you to join us as we recognize and celebrate the many philanthropic contributions invested right here in our local community.

Whether it be through charitable giving, volunteering, support as a community partner, or advocate, all these actions facilitate a positive change that has a ripple effect and helps strengthen Barrie’s library services ensuring our city is a wonderful place to discover opportunities.

Philanthropy lives at the Barrie Public Library in various forms. With every charitable donation, your support enables the library to provide enhanced services to the community, whether it be through an immediate need or to help plan for future branches. Hundreds of volunteers invest their time and talent in the library each year. These contributions support all areas of the library through a wide selection of programs, special events, and fundraising outlets like our pre-loved book sale and Downtown branch café.  A strong library system helps to build strong, vibrant neighbourhoods. With support from community partners and advocates, the Barrie Public Library is able to build connections to ensure more residents have convenient access to library services.

On behalf of the Barrie Public Library, we want to express our gratitude to YOU; our community of donors, volunteers, partners, stakeholders, & advocates for your continued dedication to supporting library services.

Thank you!


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