Types of Identification

For all memberships we require current and valid driver's license OR Ontario photo card OR Two pieces of ID (one should have your current address).

Additional identification, such as current proof of property/business ownership, employment or school enrolment may also be applicable (see below). 

Examples of identification you can use are listed below. Handwritten and expired documents will not be accepted.

Name Identification

  • Birth Certificate
  • Landed Immigrant or Citizenship card
  • Ontario Health Card
  • Current lease or legal document
  • Passport
  • Social Insurance Card
  • Student Card

Address Identification

  • Current bill or invoice
  • Current government cheque
  • Current lease or rental agreement
  • Current legal document

Additional Identification

For non-resident memberships we require the following, in addition to name and address identification:

  • Work in Barrie: proof of current employment
  • Attend School in Barrie (from K to post-secondary): proof of current enrolment
  • Own Property or a Business in Barrie: current property tax bill or business license
  • Belong to Midland or Orillia Public Library AND live in Midland or Orillia: your Orillia or Midland Public Library card
  • Temporary Resident/Visitor Access Card: proof of temporary Barrie address