Print Centre

Pay-to-Print at the Library

*These services are currently unavailable due to the COVID-19 pandemic*

There are small fees for using our printing tools to cover the cost of materials:

  Costs Maximum
'Ulti' 3D Printer  $1/hour* per print 6 hours♦
Cricut Maker Free! Feel free to make 1 project with our materials on your first visit.

Extra projects: 25¢/sheet paper*;                                     $2/vinyl print*                                                                                You are welcome to bring your own materials to experiment.
                   Vinyl Max 12*12                                        Paper maximum 50 pages                                                                                   Subject to how many creators are in the Collaboratory wanting to use this tool
Button Maker 1st one free. 25¢ - all sizes (1.75" & 3") Maximum 50 buttons/visit

 Access to equipment and tools maybe limited during times when we have more creators in our space!

Print Centre Guidelines

  • ♦ Plan ahead to complete your print job 1/2 hour before the library closes.
  • * Partial prints are charged at fixed prices.
  • If you want to make more than the maximum allowance please contact us.
  • To be part of the creation process, please stay with and check often while your project is printing.
  • Printing images, models or parts of offensive items, weapons or drug paraphernalia of any size is not permitted.
  • Prints must not infringe on any provincial or federal laws, including copyright and intellectual property rights.
  • You may bring your own materials (paper, fabric, etc.) for the Cricut machine and sewing machines, but they must be compatible with Lab equipment.
  • You can create files at the library using a public internet computer or in the Collaboratory. Some design software may be available for free to download and work on from home. You can prepare your project in advance and bring your file with you.
  • This is a discovery environment; we cannot guarantee the success and quality of a printed project as this is a trial and error process!