Print Centre

Pay-to-Print at the Library

During DIY Open Hours, there is a small fee for using the tools in the Collaboratory.

  Costs Print Time/Length/Amount
3D Printer  $2 flat fee per print  2 hours
Vinyl Printer $9 - 1/2 linear foot (~$1.75-$9 per print) 1/2 linear foot is 6" L x 28" W. Max one 6"x28" print/person

Cricut Maker Free! Feel free to make 1 project with our materials.

You are welcome to bring your own materials to experiment.
Subject to how many creators are in the Collaboratory wanting to use this tool
Button Maker  10¢ small (1.75"); 25¢ large (3") Maximum 10 buttons (combined sizes)

Note: Vinyl is calculated by linear foot at a cost of $18 per foot, so if 10 prints are printed within that area the total cost of the print will be divided by 10. Our linear foot is calculated at 12" L by 28" W.

Visual of vinyl printing - example with 1 person printing a 5X5 print or up to 2-5 people sharing the SAME vinyl print at 28" (fixed width) x 6" (or less):

Vinyl roll 28" W

6" L

First print pays full width. Each additional print added to the  same print job by someone else shares the cost of the width with you.

EX. 5x5 print EX. 5x5 print EX. 5x5 print EX. 5x5 print EX. 5x5 print


1 person pays $9


2 people pay $4.50 each

3 people pay $3 each

4 people pay $2.25 each

5 people pay $1.75 each

Please note that the Collaboratory is a shared facility. Also, access to equipment and tools maybe limited during times when we have more creators in our space!

Anything created in a program is free of charge unless otherwise noted. 

Print Calculator

Print Calculator

Number of Prints:


Price Per Print:

Print Centre Guidelines

  • Plan ahead to complete your print job 1/2 hour before the library closes.
  • Printing is limited to a maximum print time.
  • Please check often while your project is printing.
  • Printing models or parts of offensive items, weapons or drug paraphernalia of any size is not permitted.
  • Prints must not infringe on any provincial or federal laws, including copyright and intellectual property rights.
  • You may bring your own materials (paper, fabric, etc.) for the Cricut machine and sewing machines, but they must be compatible with Lab equipment.
  • Prints not picked up by end of week become property of the library.
  • You can create files at the library using a public internet computer or in the Collaboratory during open hours. However, some design software may be available for free to download and work on from home. Check the webpage to see what’s available. You can prepare your project in advance and bring your file with you.
  • This is a discovery environment; we cannot guarantee the success and quality of a printed project as this is a trial and error process!